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Gallery Information

Based in Taipei, East Gallery represents Artists practicing nationally and internationally, addressing modern, and contemporary concerns. Committed to representing the ongoing story of Taiwan’s art, East Gallery stands by artists throughout their careers—the newest generation, mid-career, and masters.

Established in 1987, at the end of Martial Law in Taiwan, East Gallery took part in the cultural flowering and economic boom that followed. The gallery first established its reputation representing artists now seen as fundamental to Taiwan’s art history, pioneering exhibitions of historically important colonial and postcolonial artists including Ichikawa Kinichiro (1871–1945) Chen Cheng Po (1895–1947), Chen Chin (1906–1998), Lin Yu-Shan (1907–2004) and Kuo Hsuen-Hu (1908–2012).

East Gallery represents artists practicing internationally including Daniel Lee, CJ Yeh, Wen-Yau Wu, and Wang Jinsong. Additionally, the gallery exclusively represents sculptor Han Hsu-Tung. The gallery regularly supports Young Art Taipei

Since its founding, East Gallery has established a forthright reputation representing Taiwan’s master and contemporary artists, showcasing their greatest achievements for an international public. The gallery plays an important role in motivating scholarship, working with museums, and establishing promising young artists.

East Gallery’s founder, Huan Hsien Liu has been a gallerist and art dealer for 40 years. As a leading figure of Taiwan’s artistic landscape, Liu is regularly interviewed by Taiwan’s news media for his perspective on art history. He is also consulted regularly as part of the process of artwork identification related to important Taiwanese master artists. His current book “Taiwan—My Role As a Bridge: 40 Years of Art Gallery Evolution” has made a critical contribution to documenting the post marshall law development of artistic practice on the island. Liu received fine art degrees first from Taipei Normal College and then National Taiwan Normal University. He is a founding member of both the ArtTaipei art fair and the Taiwan Art Gallery Association (AGA).

Chun-Fu Hsiao, East Gallery’s general manager, is the second generation of the family and has focused on administration and curation for more than 30 years. Hsiao travels internationally for the gallery developing a broad network of VIP collector relations covering Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe.

East Gallery has taken a leadership role as one of three founding galleries of the Taiwan Art Gallery Association (AGA). Furthermore, establishing ArtTaipei, now in its 26th year, is one of the oldest fairs in Asia. Twice holding directorship of AGA and bringing guest artists to Taipei including Roberto Matta and Yayoi Kusama.

East Gallery plays an important role in motivating scholarship by publishing books about art and by the direct involvement in the development of private museums dedicated to Taiwan’s history. Most recently having unveiled “Taiwan—My Role As a Bridge: 40 Years of Art Gallery Evolution” Published by Artist Magazine. The book is one of the only primary documents telling the story of Taiwan’s artistic development from a commercial perspective. As part of East Gallery’s place in Taiwan’s cultural landscape, it has twice been a film location restaging events of import for Taiwan television; reenacting events — with artists Chen Chin, Lin Yu-Shan, and Kuo Hsuen-Hu — that happened within East Gallery’s very walls.

As part of the Gallery’s mission to bring our artists to the broadest possible audience, East Gallery participates in overseas art fairs including, The Shanghai Art Fair, Art Osaka, Shenzhen International Art Fair, Art15 London, and KIAF Seoul.

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